Symptoms of Covid-19 include phlegm, fever, difficulty in breathing, pain in throat and bones also. If possible, call the doctor before leaving for the hospital, do not just go to the hospital.
Symptoms of Covid-19 include phlegm, fever, difficulty in breathing, pain in throat and bones also. If possible, call the doctor before leaving for the hospital, do not just go to the hospital.

New York. In the era of the coronavirus epidemic, there are many people who may feel ill. But 80% of people with coronavirus have only mild symptoms. Despite all this, there are many people who do not know how to take medical care during this disease and how to avoid uncertainty. So let’s know what you should do during your illness …

How to test
It is quite possible that you have Coronavirus systems, yet you are not undergoing tests. It is very bad for the patient to isolate himself and tell his friends about it. At the present time when there is widespread spread of Koranavirus, it is possible that not everyone can be tested. Only those people are being tested who reach the hospital in emergency with Serious Systems. In such a situation, the people who come in contact with each other are most at risk. This method may change if public health official tests are done more quickly. For this you should go to your local hospital and ask where will the test be?

What happens during a coronavirus test?
This is called the swab test, but it is not a Q-tip. This causes the virus to test, during which the healthcare workers wear a fully protective gear and apply a long-lasting nasopharyngeal swab to it, holding it in the nose until it touches the upper part of the throat. . They then rotate the swab around the person and collect some test samples.

What are Kovid-19’s systems?
When an adult has symptoms of Kovid-19, he has difficulty in coughing, fever, breathing. Some people also have pain in their throat and bones. It is just like the flu. Some people also have gastrointestinal symptoms. Some people have a decreased ability to smell and taste. Body temperature is the most important part of screening in hospital and airport screening. If you have colt and flu systems, check your temperature immediately.

Do not
rush too much in the emergency room of the hospital, at such a time, there are a large number of patients in the emergency room of the hospital, the doctors and staff are very busy, so this is not the place where you walk around unnecessarily. Spend more time Before going for the test, ask yourself whether this system is as viral as before? In most cases, this answer will be neither.

What to do when you go to the hospital?
If you are concerned about your health and any viral symptoms appear, go to the doctor as usual. The doctor can also tell them about their systems over the phone. If you do not have a family doctor, immediately go to a clinic and tell about yourself. But don’t just go to the hospital. Because most hospitals have made arrangements for corona virus patients right now.

If you see these systems, get emergency treatment immediately. If you are sick, then tell your doctor to get a checkup done. The American Health Agency CDC says that if you see some such systems, then emergency treatment should be done immediately.

breathing problem.
Constant chest pain or pressure.
When feeling confused or unable.
When the lips or face are blue.
Any other systems that are serious or noticeable.

How to go to hospital
Go to a hospital with someone in the family who already knows you. When leaving the car, keep its window open. Do wear the mask, keep the tissue paper with you so that your driver is not infected. You should not resort to tax and public transport.

Who are already undergoing treatment?
Breathing symptoms are a major cause of concern for elderly people. It is also a serious disease for a person suffering from asthma, lung disease, pneumonia, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, drug therapy. It is also dangerous for him, who has recently been treated for cancer. Such patients are already undergoing treatment by a doctor, so they should go for a corona test by talking to their doctor via phone or email. The doctor will give you better advice.

How to take care of corona positive person at home?
Those who have mild symptoms of coronavirus, do not keep them in the hospital and keep them in isolation at home. If you already have all the systems but you have not done the test, then you have to take necessary precautions while realizing it. Take light precaution in the same way as you do when you have flu. Such people should be given necessary help, they should be given juice, soup and phlegm and pain medicines. Also, the temperature should be checked regularly. If a person has been ill for a week and is unable to eat and drink and cannot even go to the bathroom, then a doctor should be called at such times.

What work should the rest of the family do?
No, if a person in a family is infected or is a suspected patient of corona, then the whole family living with him should be quarantined for 14 days.

How long will it take for a sick person to recover?
Most patients who stay quarantine at home start feeling better within a week. Individuals who are serious or hospitalized may take a long time to recover. But it is not necessary that the routine returns to work if you recover.

When will the disease vaccine come?
There is no information about it yet. Testing of the vaccine continues, but it is not known how long it will come. It is likely that it may take a year. At that time, you will be able to know how safe it is and how effective it is. American Public Health Officials say that it may take at least 18 months for the vaccine to arrive. That is, by 2021, this vaccine may come.


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