Rule Changes From 1st December, RTGS, Indian Railways Update, LPG Price and Policy
Rule Changes From 1st December, RTGS, Indian Railways Update, LPG Price and Policy

The last month of the year is bringing big changes for you. Many rules related to your pocket will change from December 1. Which will have a direct impact on your pocket or kitchen. These include the price of gas cylinders, operation of trains, money transfer through RTGS and other rules. Let’s see ..

RTGS Benefits
RTGS rules are about to change in the month of December. In this case, you are going to get the facility in the matter of money transactions. In fact, the Reserve Bank of India had recently decided to make real time gross meant gross settlement available 24 hours and seven days. Which is going to be implemented from December 2020. In such a situation, now you can use this facility 24 * 7 * 365 days. Let me tell you that for the time being, except on the second and fourth Saturdays, you can transfer money only during the rest of the working days. That is, on the day the bank is closed, its benefits are not available. But, with the new rule, you will be able to transfer money anytime.

Many trains will run from 1 December
Keeping in mind the festival season, the Railways had already decided to run several trains till 30 November. It is expected that many of these trains can be continued beyond December 1. Simultaneously, many trains can also be made operational. These new trains include Jhelum Express, Punjab Mail and others.

Changes in LIC premium
A big change in the rules of the policy is going to happen this December. Actually, the insurance holder can now reduce the premium amount after running the policy for 5 years. That is, you can reduce it by 50%, they can continue the policy even with half the installment.

LPG price changes
On the first date of every month, the government changes the prices of LPG. LPG cylinder prices fluctuate during review. In such a situation, there is a possibility of increase in the prices of LPG from 1 December. This is because there was no change in the previous month rate due to festival season.


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