World Post Day

Postal services have actually helped change exactly how people connect with each other in stringent ways. However, prior to the days of the internet, peoples have a really tough time getting letters and packages to one another because of global policies relating to mail.

World Post Day is right here to remind peoples of exactly how post offices came to be simpler for every person when countries all over the world ultimately came to an arrangement that would change every little thing concerning just how mail is processed.

History of World Post Day

Celebrating the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union, World Post Day focuses on educating individuals concerning how postal workplaces all over the world have actually helped better worldwide communication and also make everyone much more gotten in touch with one another.

October 9 was first announced World Post Day at the 1969 UPU Congress in Tokyo Japan. The proposal to celebrate the day was proposed by Shri Anand Mohan Narula, a member of the Indian delegation.

Every year, much more than 150 countries celebrate World Post Day in a several ways. Some countries celebrate the day as a working holiday while some Post office also use World Post Day to honor their employees for their good service.

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The Universal Postal Union began in 1874 when it was developed by the Treaty of Bern to help develop postal plans. The Treaty of Bern was the result of an international seminar, organized by the Swiss government, to combine disparate postal policies to make sure that mail can be delivered easily.

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While the treaty itself has actually been changed multiple times to assist upgrade plans, the Universal Postal Union has created global flat price at which mail can be sent to anywhere in the globe. It likewise help postal carriers to maintain legal rights in numerous countries as they traveled, and allow each nation to preserve the cash earned.

Considering that every nation has its own post, the Universal Postal Union has helped improvement mailing solutions by eliminating the global barriers that previously constrained it.

World Post Day commemorates this treaty, as it has assisted shape the way people can send out as well as receive mail. To celebrate this particular day, individuals make effort to send mail to loved one, a relative, or a close friend.

At the Universal Postal Union, they function in the direction of their effort to make mail a much better experience for everybody, including conversations about economic sustainability and environmental protection.

How to Celebrate World Post Day

Whether it’s a gift bought online, a letter, or a postcard, sending mail is a fantastic way to celebrate this day. Read about what the Universal Postal Union is everything about as well as share the info with your close friends.

If you know a local postman who deliver mail to your home, thanks him/her for their services. Speak about which mailing service you rely on one of the most, talk to individuals about what people in the postal services provide for a living, and share this details with every person you know.

World Post Day 2020 Theme

Due to Covid-19 pandemic for the first time, the celebrations for World Post Day will be held virtually. You can watch the ceremony by going to: https://tv.upu.int/

Covid-19 Impact

Postal services all around the world played a crucial role in reaching out to people amidst the pandemic. Life-saving medicines and also protective equipment were delivered timely in remote areas.

World Post Day is a wonderful opportunity to commemorate the postal operators, postal employees and everyone else involved in delivering mails.

“We all need to recognize the incredible sacrifices made by postal operators and their staff during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Deemed essential staff as the pandemic raged furiously across the world, these postal workers labored hard to deliver the mail. Some workers tragically lost their lives; others confronted life-changing damage to their health. Many more suffered in numerous other ways…,” Director General of the Universal Postal Union, Bishar Hussein said in his message on World Post Day.

“Since our earliest beginnings, we have overcome wars, natural disasters and pestilence. We have always delivered. The year 2020, however, was the year that the postal industry showed the world
its resilience, its determination, and the invaluable role it plays in every society. We showed we are more than mail,” Mr the UPU Director General added.



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