Even in the lockdown caused by the corona virus, people are finding some different and unique moments for themselves.
Even in the lockdown caused by the corona virus, people are finding some different and unique moments for themselves.

New York. The outbreak of Corona virus has spread all over the world and lockdown has been implemented in many countries. In some countries it has been implemented partially, while elsewhere it is fully implemented. During this time people are not even allowed to move out of the house. But during this time too much is happening that we cannot think. For example, even at such a time, the wedding party is on, then people are going to put garbage by wearing their new dress somewhere. Not only this, they are also capturing these moments on camera.

In this phase of lockdown, how can anyone think of marriage, no? It would be foolish to do so in the midst of the rising outbreak of the corona virus, but one couple became one another with enough caution. The wedding took place in Michigan. The bride and groom were genuine but the guests were fake. Cardboard was placed at the guests’ place giving an impression of the guests.

Dan Stuglik and AP Simonson said that 160 people were about to attend their wedding but due to the Kovid-19 they were difficult to come by. This made both of them very upset. However, later he got the idea of ​​cardboard to compensate for the guests. A local company helped him make human-sized cardboard. After this, card boards were placed at the guests’ place in the church. At the same time, apart from the groom, there was another live person and she was a woman getting married.

Women putting garbage in expensive clothes

People are not getting a chance to get out due to corona virus and the clothes they wear to the party in their homes are just beautifying the shelves. A woman has found a very creative solution, which is being liked by women. Danielle Aske has started an entertainment trend. In which women are walking out wearing fancy dresses to throw garbage. In doing so, Daniel, a resident of Queensland, Australia, has also shared a picture of himself.

He created a Facebook group and presented his idea. After this, the women liked this idea very much. Now women are challenging each other to do the same. About 1.25 lakh people have joined this group. At the same time, women are sharing their photos in various costumes.


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