President Ibrahim Bauber Keita, who was detained after the military coup, resigned. However, United Nations France and the United States have condemned the military coup in Mali.
President Ibrahim Bauber Keita, who was detained after the military coup, resigned. However, United Nations France and the United States have condemned the military coup in Mali.

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (Ibrahim Boubacar Keita) resigned from his post amidst the massive turmoil in the West African country of Mali. Earlier, rebel soldiers held the country’s President Ibrahim Baubkar Keita and Prime Minister Baubo Sise as hostages and are seeking fresh elections. Let me tell you that there have been demonstrations in the country for several months demanding the resignation of the President and now the rebel soldiers took an aggressive stand.

President Ibrahim Baubkar Keita resigned from his post just hours after the dissolution of Parliament on Tuesday. Wearing a surgical mask, President Keita announced her resignation on local television. There was clearly tension on his face. Shortly before this, many top officials along with Prime Minister Baubo Sise and President Keita were taken into custody by the soldiers. The President said in his address on TV that he is also dissolving the Parliament and the government. He said, ‘I do not want bloodshed in my reign. If some people of our armed forces interfere in my rule and want to end it, then I have no other option.

United Nations in support of Mali government

On this, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has demanded the immediate release of the President and Prime Minister unconditionally. According to the statement issued by the Secretary-General Guterres spokesman Stephen Dujarric, “The Secretary-General has condemned the situation in Mali and ordered immediate restoration of the rules of law and constitutional orders in the country.” It also states that the United Nations Secretary-General has jointly insisted on a solution and a peaceful settlement. He has also expressed his full support for the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States. Mali was previously under France.

Indian embassy is eyeing the situation

The Indian embassy in Mali is monitoring the situation in the country and its officials are not in danger. This information was given by Indian envoy Anjani Kumar Sahai on Tuesday. He said that the military uprising in Sahel country had started in the day itself. The military revolt, led by General Cheick Fantamadi Dembele, began at the Kati military base in Bamco. Considering this situation, the embassy has advised all Indians living there to stay indoors.

Rebellion started against the government in the day itself

Rebel soldiers in the West African country of Mali also arrested several senior military and administrative officials, including President Ibrahim Baubkar and Prime Minister Boube Sise, on Tuesday. Explain that the Prime Minister requested the rebels to lay down their arms and have a peaceful dialogue. Earlier in the day, soldiers revolted against the government at the Kati military base, about 15 km from the capital Bamco.

According to AFP, the two leaders were detained from the presidential residence in the capital Bamco. A large number of people gathered at the square of the capital Bamco, opposing President Ibrahim Baubkar Keita. While many international institutions also appealed to the rebels to renounce violence. The rebels were advised to stay indoors from the foreign embassies. Let me tell you that since June, protests have been going on in the country over the allegations of corruption and poor security system against President Keita, and resignation is being demanded.

America, France and many West African countries are against military revolt

The US, France and West African countries have condemned the military coup. Moussa Faki Mahamat, chairman of the African Union, said on Twitter, “I strongly condemn the detention of President Bawber Keita and other officials of the Mali government, including the Prime Minister.” France’s foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said, “France strongly opposes this incident.” US Ambassador to the Sahel J. Peter Pham also tweeted and protested. Earlier in 2012 there was a revolt at the Kati military base and the then President Amdou Toumani Toure was overthrown. The United Nations and France were constantly trying to control the situation, but were unsuccessful.


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