Known as the world's superpower, these days, Corona virus has become the most patient in the US. This has led to many questions on this superpower.
Known as the world's superpower, these days, Corona virus has become the most patient in the US. This has led to many questions on this superpower.

New Delhi, online desk. Superpower America has the largest number of pandemic COVID-19 patients, increasing in number. Many types of questions have also started to arise when there are so many patients in America. Among the most affected countries, the US is on top, followed by Italy and then China. China’s number three is also surprising in itself. Even after the onset of the disease from two provinces of China, it is still at number three, which is not embracing anyone.

Ever since the countries of the world came to know about this infectious disease, the question has been arising that China has hidden the data of sick and dying from this virus. But the truth has not been revealed yet.

1 lakh 4 thousand 837 infected in America

At present, 1 lakh 4 thousand 837 people have been affected by Corona virus in America and this number is increasing continuously. So far 2200 people have died in the US while in Italy 9,134 people have lost their lives due to infection. Over the past several days, more than 500 people are being killed there every day. Now the number of people affected by COVID-19 worldwide has now crossed 6 lakhs. If we talk about the whole world, by then 28 thousand people have died from it. For the last two days, more than one lakh people worldwide are getting infected by it.

Spain and Germany are also being surrounded

Spain and Germany are also surrounded in Europe. The number of victims in Spain has crossed 65 thousand and in Germany 53 thousand. 5,690 people have died in Spain, while 395 in Germany proved to be the deadliest in the last 24 hours for Spain. Here 832 people have lost their lives, which is the highest for Spain in one day.

By strengthening health services and test services, Germany has managed to curb the death toll to an extent. At this time, Germany has achieved the ability to test half a million people every week. There is no complete lockout in Germany, but activities other than essential services have been banned. The government says that it does not think that the restrictions can be removed before April 20, given the circumstances present.

Two thousand billion dollar package approved

The United States has approved a two thousand billion dollar package to fight the corona virus. With this money the corona will be controlled and measures will be taken to handle the economy. The US is also helping many countries fight Corona. The US government has chosen to help 64 countries affected by Corona, including India.

Meanwhile, South Korea has achieved great success in curbing the corona, now there are more people than those who have returned home after getting well after treatment. South Korea has achieved this success through a large-scale test. A total of 9,478 people fell here and 144 of these people lost their lives and 4,811 people have been treated.

Russia and Ireland are now prohibiting

After the lockout started in South Africa, now Russia and Ireland have also started gradually banning the movements of the people. There have been orders to close restaurants and cafes. By Friday in Russia, 1000 people have been infected with Corana, now orders have been given to stop work here. This will be the first week when offices are closed in Russia. A spokesman for the Russian government emphasized that there is no epidemic-like situation at the moment. The situation of Russia seems to be better in this case than the rest of Europe.

Restrictions on movement of people back to China

Meanwhile, China has launched a massive ban on people from entering their country. It has been decided to stop people from all over the world. People who have visas are also being postponed and canceled. Meanwhile, life in Wuhan is slowly returning to normal. It was here that Corona was born and then spread all over the world from here.

The infection has increased in some countries around China, which are still safe. On Saturday, 159 new cases of infection were reported in Malaysia, so far 2,320 people have been affected by Corona and 26 people have died. Similarly the total number has reached 1,555 with 109 new cases in Indonesia. 87 people have died in Indonesia.

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