Along with the US President, the French President has also raised questions about China's attitude. India should also be a part if international initiative takes place.
Along with the US President, the French President has also raised questions about China's attitude. India should also be a part if international initiative takes place.

It is an auspicious sign to see some meaningful results of the campaign to control the coronavirus infection. India seems to be moving in the right direction with the decline in the growth rate of corona infected people. However, there is still a long battle to go, as there are only about three and a half hundred of the more than seven hundred districts who have survived the corona infection. There is still a need to be vigilant in view of the fragile condition of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, etc. with a significant number of districts with serious danger from infection. For this reason, the government has extended the lockdown deadline until May 3. If conditions remained under control and people showed restraint and discipline, it is likely that the lockdown would end in a large part of the country after May 3 and the concessions extended from April 20 would also increase.

People will have to change behavior and social behavior after lockdown

Today, while every Indian is waiting for the lockdown to end and the work to begin, it will also have to be prepared that the country and the world will not remain the same. People have to be alert to health and hygiene as well as introduce physical distance. In fact, people have to change their daily behavior and social ways. We Indians have a bad habit of spitting in place. There was a ban on spitting of betel leaf, gutkha, etc., now it has been brought under the purview of crime. It was the need of the hour to do this. There is nothing better than the outbreak of Coronavirus forces Indians to quit this dirty habit.

It is certain that even after relaxation in some business activities, the situation is not going to return to normal soon.

The government is going to give relaxation of work in many areas from April 20, due to the reduction in coronavirus outbreak. Agriculture, dairy and fisheries are going to get a complete exemption, apart from this, certain business and construction-related activities are also being allowed to start with certain conditions. The exemption also includes self-employment and the operation of trucks on the highway. Even after this exemption, the situation is not going to be normal soon. The business world will have to wait patiently and wait for the economic-business activities to normalize because right now rail and air services are closed, many other activities will also remain under the ban.

The Reserve Bank announced a second package to avert the crisis of small and medium enterprises

In the midst of preparing to start limited business activities, the Reserve Bank has announced another package to avert the crisis in the economy. It has managed a fund of Rs 1 lakh crore for small-medium enterprises, NBFCs. It has also changed the provisions for NPAs to encourage banks to lend. Naturally, these steps have been welcomed, but it is necessary for the business world to find some new ways to carry on its activities in the midst of the crisis. He has to be proactive in the midst of a crisis as well as take measures to control his spending.

The second economic package may help the private sector severely affected by Corona

It is expected that the Central Government will be helpful with its second economic package. The government has to worry about how the private sector businessmen should pay their employees the salary for the month of April. She cannot be unaware that some sectors are severely affected by the havoc of Corona and that the task of salvaging them should be on a priority basis. Only by doing so will she be able to give relief to the people and at the same time will be able to reduce the impact of Corona on the economy.

While India is seen holding the corona, all the countries of the world are in crisis.

While India is seeing the havoc of Corona, all the countries of the world are still seen in deep crisis. America’s condition is getting worse day by day. New York and Florida look helpless in front of Corona’s havoc. The reason for this is that President Donald Trump refused to take concrete steps in time and American society also did not feel the need to take adequate vigilance.

WHO put the world in deep trouble by adding yes to China

President Trump is blaming others instead of admitting his mistake. He has decided to stop the financial assistance given to him by targeting the World Health Organization (WHO). Keep in mind that the US is the largest donor country to WHO. It is not denied that the World Health Organization has not done its job properly and has put the world in deep trouble by adding yes to China, but this is the time not to weaken this organization, but to find ways to make it capable and responsible. is.

Today the whole world is suffering from coronavirus due to Chi ‘s negligence and opaque policies.

There can be no doubt that due to China’s negligence and its opaque policies, the whole world is suffering and terrorized by the coronavirus today, but it is also true that the first need is to stop the outbreak of corona. In the midst of the worldwide havoc of the Coronavirus, it is also natural to raise the question that if India went to war in time, why could America not? In fact, this also applies to European countries.

Moving fast towards world economic slowdown 

Like America, Britain and European Community countries, especially Italy, Spain and France, are also in bad shape. Since all countries with large economies of the world are suffering from the coronavirus, the world is moving fast towards severe economic recession. In a way, China is at the root of it.

Trump’s sharp attitude towards China  over Coronavirus

Not surprisingly, Trump has sharpened China and started to put her in the dock. He has also asked to investigate how the coronavirus has developed. Did it go into the human body through bats or pangolins, or through the biological laboratory of Wuhan? Since there is doubt about this, the world community will have to make efforts to get to the bottom of where the virus originated from and for what reasons? The President of France along with the US President has also raised questions about China’s attitude. Such questions should arise. If there is an international initiative to find answers to these questions, India should also be a part of it.



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