Dengue mosquito
Dengue mosquito

The monsoon gives relief from the heat, but at times this rain likewise triggers illness. In fact, the threat of mosquitoes boosts during the rainy season, which becomes the reason for numerous major and deadly illness. Therefore, it is required to avoid mosquitoes throughout this time, so that you can avoid these diseases. Before understanding how to play with mosquitoes, understand that what illness can be caused by mosquito bites …


Malaria is a disease that spreads through mosquito bites and is more likely to occur. Malaria is triggered by the bite of the female mosquito Anaphylis. These mosquitoes breed in unclean and contaminated water and they bite in the night rather than in the day, so there is a need to make sure at night. Signs of malaria are lightheadedness, shortness of breath, fever and so on. If this takes place, contact the medical professional and take special care of cleanliness during the rain.

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Dengue is a disease that has actually eliminated lots of people and even after curing dengue, the client has problems for several days. Dengue is triggered by the bite of infected female Aedes aegypti mosquito. Prior to dengue, the client has high fever, headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint discomfort and pimples on the body. It is said that if any such signs are seen, one must instantly get in touch with the medical professional, because its treatment is not easy and the patient likewise takes a very long time to recover.


Chikungunya is one of the common diseases triggered by viral infections this season. It is stated to be brought on by the bite of mosquitoes carrying Chikungunya infection. It is not considered to be in the classification of contagious disease. The most harmful of this disease is joint pain, which lasts for a number of weeks. This disease damages the body.

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Other diseases

These three illness are the most prominent, which are triggered by mosquito bites and are quite common. In such a situation, to prevent these illness during the monsoon, the natural home remedy ought to be adopted. Apart from these illness, it also increases the danger of getting Zika virus, yellow fever, Japanese sleeping sickness, filariasis etc. For that reason it is required to prevent mosquito to avoid all these diseases.

Follow these tips and say good bye to the mosquito at home


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