Yogasana photo - The Economic Times
Yogasana photo - The Economic Times

Yoga not just has a great effect on your physical health, but also has incredible benefits psychologically. To get positivity and energy for each day, all you have to do is prepare yourself for yoga. Start by laying the mat, yoga will do its magic by itself. Simple practice of asanas not only deals with your body, however likewise assists in controlling the mind and balancing your feelings and life. It keeps away stress and anxiety and tension, which makes you feel more comfortable. Today our Professional 4 is telling about such Yogasan which is all-time and finest and which you should do everyday. Not only can you reduce your increasing weight with these Yogasanas but it will also keep your mind calm and will cause a glow in the face. The Director of the Yoga Institute, Hansaji Jayadev Yogendraji, is telling us about these yogasanas.

Palm of the hand

According to the name, it needs to hold the thumb with the hand, in this case both completions of the body come together and the stretch around the joint of the hips likewise joins it. It also impacts the waist and helps in flexibility and toning of the back muscles. It also assists in enhancing your balance and concentration.

To do this, put your feet together and allow the hands to remain on the side. Now breathe.

While exhaling, correct your ideal leg as much as possible in front and hold the toe with the exact same hand while keeping the knees directly.

If you can not hold your toe, flex the knee of your right foot, so that the toe can be held with the right-hand man, after which the foot needs to be extended to the front. Try to keep the leg straight, however if possible, you might bend the knees somewhat.

Remain in this position for six seconds.


Launch the grip while breathing out and bring your foot down.

Repeat the very same procedure with the left leg.


This asana folds the body in a manner that you do refrain from doing in your typical regimen. It assists in reducing the waist and abdominal area. By doing this, internal massage of the abdominal organs is done through compression.

To do this keep your feet parallel and 3 feet apart. Let your hands be towards them.
Raise your left hand straight upwards, palm external, so that your arms go to the ear and the right hand relaxes towards you.
Your face needs to be looking forward.
While breathing, flex right from the waist as much as you can without leaning forward or backwards.
Hold this position while holding your breath for six seconds.
Then while breathing out, go back to standing position and bring your left by far.
Repeat in opposite position.
After finishing the bending on both sides, hang your hands loosely towards them and bring your feet together or leave them apart. If you are practicing more rounds of this asana.


Our body accumulates all sort of tensions. A wave of peace and calm comes as they leave. The practice of this asana triggers flatulence and alleviates indigestion and constipation. Likewise, by doing this, the fat can likewise be lowered.

To do this, rest and breathe directly on the complete length mat by adding legs.
Then while breathing out, raise both legs, flex them at the knee joint and hold your knee (or calf) while tying both your hands.
Pull the knee approximately your chest and hold it firmly for 6 seconds, stopping your breath.
Launch the grip of your hands. Inhale, correct your leg and bring it to the beginning position.
Repeat this with one foot each.


This asana applies pressure on the stomach part, due to the fact that while doing this, your entire body is balancing in the shape of a bow. Your whole spinal column ends up being arched, so it increases the versatility of your spinal cord. It opens your chest, neck and shoulders and tones the feet and arm concerns.

To do this, rest on your stomach with your hands next to you.
Bend your knees and bend your legs in reverse.
Catch the eddies.
Taking a breath, raise your head up while at the same time extending your legs up, arching the spinal column, keeping both legs together.
Holding your breath, stay in this position for 6 seconds.
Exhale and bring the feet and head down. Release the grip on your ankles and return to the beginning position.

Attempt to incorporate these 4 yogasanas into your daily regimen. Keep doing yoga, enjoy. Stay gotten in touch with yoga to get more information related to yoga.


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