World Tuberculosis Day
World Tuberculosis Day is observed every year on 24 March to make TB patients aware.

World Tuberculosis Day is observed every year on 24 March to make TB patients aware.

What Is Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is a contagious infection that mainly attacks your lungs and may also spread to other parts of your body, like your brain and spine. Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a type of bacteria causes it.

When did TB found?
When was tuberculosis discovered?
On March 24, 1882, Robert Koch discovered that TB was caused by a bacteria in his presentation “Die Aetiologie der Tuberculose” at the Berlin Physiological Society conference. Research says that TB is an infectious disease, not hereditary.
When was tuberculosis cured?
Who found a cure for TB?
In 1943 Selman Waksman discovered a compound that acted against M. tuberculosis, called streptomycin. In November 1949, the compound was first given to a patient and the patient was cured.
Care during the corona period

TB disease has a direct effect on the chest. Sometimes there is difficulty in breathing. TB patients need to be more cautious during the coronary period. Patients should continue to consume the medicine on the advice of the doctor. Usually, some patients skip the medicine in between. Such negligence may be overshadowed in the coronary period.

Industrial pollution was among the major causes of lung infections. Here a large number of laborers worked in cotton mills. In these mills, while making cloth from cotton, the fibers and fine particles used to reach the lungs through breath and increase the problem of breathing, and this problem was converted into TB. In the 1960s-70s, TB infection spread rapidly due to a lack of accurate treatment. The first treatment was x-ray based, which began after 1996 with sputum examination. Changes in treatment prevented TB. Gradually facilities increased and medicines also came. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also pledged to eliminate TB from the country in the year 2025.

World Tuberculosis Day Theme 2021

The theme of World TB Day 2021 – ‘The Clock is Ticking’. The aim is to make people aware of periodic screening and treatment for TB prevention.

Doctor says

TB patients are more at risk from the corona. Homeopath expert Dr. Roop Kumar Banerjee said that the risk of corona in TB patients is twice as high as that of normal people. Also, the probability of TB in corona infected is high. Various researches have shown that about five percent of patients suffering from corona have been found to have symptoms of TB. Both TB and Covid are infectious diseases. Both attack the lungs. Symptoms like cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing occur in both. Immunity should always be increased to prevent both diseases. Such items should be eaten which will increase immunity.

Prior TB screening was not facilitated. It was then treated on the basis of X-ray-based diagnostic, which was not accurate. Many times, the infection of TB is not detected with X-rays, due to which the infection spreads rapidly. In the year 1996, diagnosis of treatment started to be made by the patient’s mucus and x-ray examination, which started giving positive results. Now MDR and XDR are also being treated. All types of medicines are also being available. – Dr. Sudhir Chaudhary, Professor Respiratory Medicine Department, GSVM

Poverty and malnutrition were the main causes of TB in the year 1960. The lungs of those who worked in cotton mills were damaged due to cotton particles. In this, the immunity of the lungs started decreasing. Because of this, they were gradually vulnerable to TB infection. Increasing screening facilities have brought TB infection to a great extent. – Pro. SK Katiyar, Senior Chest Physician and former Principal GSVM

This was the main reason for increasing TB

Poverty affects catering
The high number of workers
Living together in a small room
Neither wind nor sunlight meet
Decreased immunity to malnutrition
Neither check facility nor the availability of medicines

Status of TB medicines

Streptomycin medicine in the year 1944
Isoniazid medicine in the year 1952
Ithambutal and Rifamsin in the year 1986
TB disease is 9000 years old
Robert Cock discovered TB bacteria in 1882
There was no treatment facility before 1944
20734 TB patients are in the district
1700 new TB patients in the public sector in the year 2020
2700 new patients from the private sector in the year 2020

Statistics for the last five years

In the year 2017, 17 lakh 34 thousand 905 TB patients were found in the whole country. In the year 2018, this number increased, then 21 lakh 1 thousand 82 patients were found in the country. In the year 2019, the number of identified patients in the country was 24 lakh 1 thousand 589. In the year 2020, the number of identified TB patients fell significantly. Last year, 18 lakh 11 thousand 105 patients were found in the country. This number fell because the discovery of new TB patients was greatly affected due to corona. The health department was very concerned about it. That is why many special investigative campaigns have been conducted since the lockdown opened.

Continuously increasing number

Except for the year 2020, the number of TB patients seems to be increasing every year. This is not a worrying situation for experts, but a satisfactory one. This may sound surprising, but it is true. State Tuberculosis Officer Santosh Gupta said that TB is a disease that spreads from one person to another. In such a situation, our biggest emphasis is on getting the maximum number of infected people, so that they can be treated and stop spreading to other people.

Reporting of illness is compulsory

TB is a disease that is mandatory to be informed about. Not doing so is also legally a crime. Failure to provide information is punishable by imprisonment ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Many people are still hiding the disease. Statistics related to the purchase of medicines show that the number of TB patients is much higher than the number of known patients. This means that a large number of patients are still quietly undergoing treatment without informing the government.

Private doctors having a big challenge in the search for TB patients

Private hospitals and doctors face more challenges in the search for TB patients. Although efforts are being made by the government to search for such patients, but there are enough problems. There is a need for more cooperation from private doctors, drug dealers, and testing centers in this work. The discovery of more and more TB patients can make its eradication a success. That is why they say that the increasing number of TB patients is not worrying, but satisfactory.

TB patients get this facility

Explain that the government has made arrangements for giving free of cost 500 rupees per month for a screening of TB patients and free medicines along with free medicines. Patients receiving treatment from private doctors can also avail of this facility. Despite this, the discovery of TB patients and eradication of the disease from the state and country remains a challenge.


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