European Union sent team of doctors and nurses to Italy, 757 more dead in Spain
European Union sent team of doctors and nurses to Italy, 757 more dead in Spain

Brussels, Agencies. The European Union has sent a team of doctors and nurses from Romania and Norway to Milan and Bergamo. These people will help the Italian medical staff to help fight the corona virus. Please tell that Italy is the most affected by the epidemic in Europe. So far 17,127 people have died here while the number of infected people has gone up to 1,35,586. In a statement issued on Tuesday by the European Union, the medical team has been deployed through the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism. Austria has also proposed to provide more than 3000 liters of disinfectant (disinfectant) through mechanism to help Italy.

Italy activated satellite system

Ursula von der, chair of the European Commission, issued a statement saying, ‘The nurses and doctors who left home to help their colleagues in Italy show the solidarity of the European Union. EU member countries are trying their best to help Italy and other affected countries. ‘ Italy has also activated the EU’s Copernicus satellite system to monitor public places and health facilities. Earlier China has given Italy two lakh surgical masks, two lakh N-95 masks and 50000 testing kits.

Severe effect on mental state of doctor

There has been a decrease in the number of patients in the ICU of hospitals in Italy and Spain, but the doctors and nurses working here have been badly affected emotionally and psychologically. At some places, these people are also harming themselves. The case of suicide by two nurses in Italy is a few days back. Psychologists are offering free counseling to medical practitioners online, but Dr. Alessandro Colombo, director of the Health Care Training Academy of the Lombardy region, considers the increase in adrenaline hormone to be the major reason behind it.

Severe effect of death of patients

Dr. Alessandro says that this hormone works normally for a month, but now another month has started, due to which these people are physically and mentally exhausted. According to their preliminary research, the condition of patients has a serious impact on doctors and nurses. Ferrari, a nurse at a hospital in Bargamo, said, “When you do everything for the patient and he doesn’t survive, it has a serious impact.”

Doctors do not want to see patients die

Ferrari’s associate Maria Bardardelli said medical personnel are not used to seeing patients dying. When this happens many times, it has a very psychological effect. This virus is very strong. Explain that people with anxiety disorders and post-traumatic disorder experience an increase of adrenaline when they are reminded of something that has happened in the past and that arouses their sense of fear. When this happens several times per day or several times per week, it can have serious negative effects on our body and mind.

757 more dead in Spain

In the last twenty-four hours in Spain, 757 people have died. Thus the number of dead in the country has increased to 14,555. A day earlier, 743 people died. The figure of infected people has increased from 140,510 to 146,690. The epidemic situation in Spain can be understood from this that people have to wait for a week for the funeral of their loved ones. According to a pastor of the cemetery, 10-15 dead bodies used to come on bad days, but now their number has come down to around 40. On the other hand, according to industry sources, if the lockdown in the country goes ahead from May, it will not only affect the economy badly, but about eight lakh people will be unemployed.

The number of dead in Iran is around four thousand

There have been 121 more deaths in Iran in the last twenty-four hours. In this way, the death toll has increased to 3,993. In the last twenty-four hours, 1,997 new cases of infection have been reported. The number of infected people in the country has risen to 64,586. The condition of 3,956 people is worrying while 29,812 people have been discharged from the hospital. So far 220,975 people have been tested in Iran.

144 cases of infection in Tokyo

There have been 144 cases of infection a day in Tokyo. In this way, the total number of infections in the capital of Japan has increased to 1,339 while it is 4600 in the whole country. 98 people have also died. On the other hand, the lockdown is not being followed in Japan like in Europe. On the second day after the Emergency was declared, people were seen traveling in trains in Tokyo.

Canada will urge America to lift the ban

Canada will urge the US not to block the export of medical supplies to fight Corona. President Justin Trudeau said in a press conference that 5 million N95 masks from the 3M company are expected to arrive on Wednesday. Let us know that US President Donald Trump signed a proposal last week to stop the export of PPE. So far, 345 people have died in Canada while 17,063 people are infected.

Country Deaths-Infected

Italy 17,127-135,586

Spain 14,555-146,690

United States 12,857-400549

France 10,328-109,069

UK 6159-55242

Iran 3,993-64,586

China 3,333-81,802

The death toll was 82,726.

The death toll in the world from Corona epidemic has increased to 82,726 on Wednesday while 14,38,290 people from 193 countries are infected. However, a good thing is that 2,75,500 people have been cured. Social distancing in Hong Kong has been extended until 23 April. So far 936 people have been infected here, while four people have died. Singapore has reported the highest number of 142 infections a day. Forty of these cases are related to the dormitory of foreign workers. The total number of infected people in the country has increased to 1,623 while seven people have died.


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