Lifestyle Desk. Green Tea Beauty Tips: Due to the rising outbreak of Coronavirus, the lockdown has been done for the third time across the country. In such a situation, many people have got a good chance to take care of themselves. If you too are engaged in taking care of your skin and hair these days, then we are telling you about one thing which will not only enhance your skin but will also make hair beautiful.

We are talking about green tea. Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants. Apart from this, it has many such properties that benefit your health as well as your skin. It not only removes wrinkles from your face but also enhances hair and strengthens hair.

5 benefits of green tea

1. To remove the problem of the pimple, after boiling green-tea bag, apply its water in the pimples and its surroundings with the help of cotton. Wash it when dry. Apply this water three to four times a day. Pimples disappear by doing this every day for a few days.

2. Boil a green-tea bag in half a cup of water to improve the face. When it cools, apply one teaspoon of honey and 2-3 drops of lemon juice to the face and wash it after 10 minutes. Use it twice a week.

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3. To eliminate wrinkles, mix a pinch of turmeric and lemon juice in green tea water and apply it on the face with the help of cotton and massage for two minutes. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it. Do this two to three times a week and for a long time, the skin will look young. Do not use if you have sensitive skin.

4. It stops your hair fall and gives you long, strong hair. For this, take 2-3 green-tea bags and boil them in a cup of water. After shampooing the hair thoroughly, wash your hair again with this water. Use it twice a week.

5. Stretch marks are often seen after pregnancy. For this take a green-tea bag and boil it in half a cup of water. Massage the stretch marks with this water. By doing this two to three times a day, the stretch mark will start to get lighter.


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