Krishna Janmastami 2020
Krishna Janmastami 2020

There is a spurt of Shri Krishna Janmashtami in Braj. Bal Krishna was born at midnight in Nandgaon. Congratulations echo in Radha’s village Barsana. According to tradition, the birth anniversary will be celebrated today at the Sri Krishna birthplace of Mathura. This is the first time when the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is being celebrated without devotees. All traditions will be fulfilled in the presence of only saints and sevayatas in the temples of Braj. There is a ban on the entry of devotees in temples. This decision has been taken to prevent corona infection.

The entry of devotees into the Sri Krishna Janmasthan Janmasthan Temple is also prohibited. A limited number of people associated with the event will also participate in the main event of the birth anniversary along with the teacher who conducts the worship. Devotees will be able to have live darshan of the birth anniversary on the occasion of Shri Krishna’s birthplace through television and social media. Supernatural moments of the birth anniversary will be broadcast live.

On Shrikrishna Janmashtami, Thakurji will dwell in Purnendu Kunj bungalow made with a wonderful combination of letter-flower, replica, gems, etc. Special dress for Thakurji has also been prepared for Janmashtami. This time Thakurji will wear a yellow colored dress of a floral dress. Kapil Sharma, secretary of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Seva Sansthan, said that this floral dress is made from silk, zari and gem replica.

Divya and floral dress was presented to Thakurji on Tuesday. Kapil Sharma, Secretary of the Institute said that Thakurji will wear this unique and divine floral dress on the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami on 12 August. He told that darshan of Swarna Mandit, Rajat Kamadhenu cow, Rajat Kamal-Pushp and jewelery of God etc. were also done. The Lord’s dress service was done by the Shri Krishna-Janm Mahotsav Samiti.

The Dwarkadhish temple on Sri Krishna Janmashtami is decorated with exotic flowers like Rajnegandha, Champa, Jasmine, Rose, Mogra along with Gerbera, Arkit, Antholian etc. Rajadhiraj will dwell to the devotees by sitting among these native foreign flowers. This year, Thakurji will be twenty five hours. Visitation will be done from 10 am to 10.30 am and 11.45 pm through the channel.

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Rakesh Tiwari Advocate, Law and Media in-charge of Dwarkadhish Temple told that this time due to Korana virus, all the temples have been closed to devotees by the district administration and following the same, Goswami of the temple Brajesh Kumar Maharaj and Dr. Vagish Kumar On the instructions of Maharaj, the sitting of the devotees at home is arranged through Doordarshan and private channels.

Thakur Dwarikadhish will be specially decorated on Rajadhiraj Sri Krishna Janmashtami to wear jewelery studded with gems . Thakurji will be decorated with ornaments studded with more than 100 years old gems. These jewelery have amazing necklace, crown, earring, garland etc. of Thakur ji. They are taken out only one day of the year. Devotees will not be able to enter the temple due to Corona.

The crowds will not gather in the temples, they have completed the preparations for the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna in the foothills of Giriraj ji. Major temples are already closed due to the Corona transition period. The administration has also directed to stop the crowd from the temple operators. In the ongoing temples of the foothills, sevayat will anoint Thakur ji inside. On the other hand, Devaki Nandan Maharaj, Radha-Shyam Sundar, Kanak Bhavan, Chetanya Mahaprabhu, Radha Mohan Temple, Sakshi Gopal, Vacantesh Temple, Teen Kauri Ashram, Nandabhavan, Ramdham Tyagi Ashram etc. are being celebrated.

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