Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Taking a historic step, Presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party in the US has chosen Indian-origin Kamla Harris as the Vice-Presidential candidate. On Tuesday, Biden tweeted – It is a great honor for me to announce that I have chosen Kamala Harris. He is a fearless fighter, the finest public servant in the country.

If 78-year-old Biden wins the elections, he will be the oldest president, while Harris is currently 55 years old. Harris is currently a Senate member. She has been the Attorney General of California. So far, only twice in the history of America has a woman become a vice-presidential candidate. In 1984, Democrat Geraldine Ferraro and in 2008 Republican Sarah Palin were elected vice-presidential candidates. But no one won.

Kamala Harris will be debated with Mike Pence on October 7, the first black candidate for the Vice President of the United States, and will now be debated with Vice President Mike Pence on October 7. Pence is also the Vice Presidential candidate from the Republic Party. The debates are to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Presidential elections are to be held on 3 November in America.

Mother indian and father of jamaica

Kamala Harris is identified as an Indian-American. His mother Shyamala Gopalan was from the state of Tamil Nadu, India. She was a cancer researcher. Kamala Harris’s maternal grandfather PV Gopalan was an Indian freedom fighter. He became a civil servant after independence. Kamala’s father Donald Harris is from Jamaica. Kamala Harris said that Joe Biden can unite the American people because, he has spent his entire life fighting for us. As President, he will create an America that will be in accordance with our ideals.

Kamala Harris submitted a candidature for the presidential election on behalf of the Democratic Party. However, in the primary elections, they were defeated by Biden and Bernie Sanders. In a Democratic Candidate debate, he accused Biden of promoting racism. After this, she also got some edge in the elections, but still she was far behind.

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Old relationship
with Biden is not good which is an interesting thing in Biden and Kamala’s relationship. Joe’s sons Biu and Kamala are good friends. Beau has been the Attorney General of Delaware. At the same time, Kamla has criticized Joe on several occasions. Last year Joe also expressed surprise. According to CNN – Joe and Kamla’s relationship has improved because of Beau.

Good grip in Indian Americans and Blacks
Kamla Harris’s mother is an Indian and father African, she has a good hold in both communities. There has been anger against the government among blacks since the death of George Floyd. In such a situation, the Democratic Party wants to pull them towards him.

During the primary elections, Kamala wrote an article in which she expressed her pride in being black. Along with this, Indian culture was also praised. He also posted a video making masala dosa.

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Good day for the country: Obama:
Former US President Barack Obama said on Kamala Harris’s election that it is a good day for the country. They are completely ready. He spent his entire career protecting the constitution of the country.

Along with this, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former President Bill Clinton have also described Kamala Harris as a strong partner of Biden. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has also lent her support. He said that Joe Biden will unite the people of America.

Trump said – surprised by Harris’ election,
US President and Republican candidate Donald Trump said that I am surprised to see Kamala Harris being elected Vice Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. His performance in the primary elections was very poor. Along with this, she has been speaking very bad for Biden, she never respected him. In such a situation, Biden’s selection of Harris is surprising.



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