International Youth Day (Photo - freepik)
International Youth Day (Photo - freepik)

International Youth Day is an opportunity to make the voices, actions and meaningful initiatives of youth recognized globally. Like every year, this time on August 12, it will be celebrated worldwide. However, given the threat of Corona, this time the programs will be done online. This day will be podcast-style discussions by the United Nations, involving youth from different fields and speaking on social, political and economic issues.

Well, it has become the talk of the program of International Youth Day this time, but do you know why, how and when Youth Day is being celebrated? Let’s know about every special thing related to this day.

When and why is International Youth Day celebrated?

On 17 December 1999, it was decided by the United Nations General Assembly that International Youth Day would be celebrated on 12 August. The decision was taken following a suggestion made in 1998 by the World Conference of Ministers responsible for youth. International Youth Day was organized for the first time in the year 2000. The United Nations was declared the International Youth Year in 1985.

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How International Youth Day is celebrated 

Every year on this day the United Nations selects a theme. Many programs are organized around this world for the youth and by the youth. These events usually include parades, music concerts, exhibitions. Apart from this, communication is done with the youth across the world through various media.

The purpose of International Youth Day

The main purpose of this day is to discuss the involvement and role of youth on social, economic and political issues.

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Theme of International Youth Day 2020

Like every year, the United Nations General Assembly has chosen a theme on International Youth Day. This time the theme is ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’, the theme is aimed at national and multilateral institutions and processes to highlight the ways of youth participation at local, national and global levels. To enrich and promote their representation and participation in formal institutional politics.

Youth participation in three special issues will be highlighted on this year’s Youth Day.

  • Participation at local / community level
  • Participation at the national level (formulation of laws, policies and their implementation)
  • Global participation

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