World Animal Welfare Day: Learn everything you need to know
World Animal Welfare Day: Learn everything you need to know

World Animal Welfare Day also known as World Animal Day

World Animal Day commemorates the relationship between mankind and the animal kingdom. We can not overlook that animals play a vital role in our lives. They are not only support and improve our lives but also give company and make us much better human beings. This particular day give us a prospect to serve animals and be a part of something unique.

The best part of this day is that everyone can celebrate it beyond any restriction of nationality, creed, religion, political view or ideological background. Basically, this particular day is for those who take care of animals; love them and obviously for those who should care for these splendid creations. On this day lots of organisations, animal welfare teams, schools, charitable trusts commemorate World Animal Day

When is World Animal Day?

World Animal Day is internationally celebrated annually on 4 October, on the feast day of Francis of Assisi. The purpose of celebration is to teach humans exactly how their activities impact on animals along with create awareness regarding the safety of animals around the world.

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World Animal Day: History

World Animal Day was first Organised by Cynologist Heinrich Zimmermann on 24th March, 1925 at the Sport Palace in Berlin, Germany.

In the beginning, the day was observe by people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia, however in May 1931, at a conference of the International Animal Protection Congress in Florence, Italy, Zimmerman’s proposal to make October 4th World Animal Day a universal celebration was approve and taken on. October 4 was decide to celebrate because this day is the feast day of St Francis of Assisi.

In 2003, the first website on World Animal Day was launch by the Naturewatch Foundation, UK-based animal welfare charity.

World Animal Day 2020 theme 

According to UN, the theme of World Wildlife Day 2020, “Sustaining all life on Earth”, encompasses all wild animal and plant species as a part of biodiversity, along with the livelihoods of people, especially those who live close to the nature. This aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 12, 14 and 15, and their extensive dedications on minimizing poverty, ensuring sustainable use of resources, and on saving life both on land and water to stop biodiversity loss.

World Animal Day Celebrations

How to celebrate World Animal Day

On this World Animal Day, anybody can make a different – just do something kind for animals! Right here’s a few ideas for you:

  •  Donate (whatever you can pay for) to some of the charitable organizations for animals– E.g. World Wildlife Fund.
  • Volunteer your time at a nearby animal sanctuary. You can also do volunteer service the days you’re complimentary.
  • Take Part in Local Events
    You can likewise inspect the regional publications or consult the animal support system in your area or city for the World Animal Day tasks.
  • Educate yourself. Read an article on animal issues and how to help.
  • Show your personal pet a little more love. Go for an extra walk, make your pet’s favorite meal, buy an enjoyment toy or treat your pet to an afternoon of fun.
  • Avoid products that hurt animals. Educate yourself relating to where your food comes from and how your clothes are made.
  • Beginning a Campaign – Many charitable organisations sustain people or small groups that desire to undertake efforts for animal welfare. You can work together with such organisations as well as actively get involved to make certain the well-being and also defense of pets.
  • Social network – You can constantly do your little bit by beginning an online project if you’re incapable to take part in the events or campaigns in your city. The power of social media in today’s globe is tremendous. You can conveniently get to as well as educate individuals about pet protection as well as well-being in different corners of the world.

Events Organised on World Animal Day

These events are held on World Animal Day in most parts of the world:
• Pet adoption
• Opening of animal shelters
• Workshops and conferences
• Animal blessing services
• Gala balls, concerts, shows and other fundraising events
• Animal shelter open day
• Marches or protests concerning the welfare of animals
• TV and radio interviews
• Rabies vaccination drives and awareness seminars
• Veterinary treatment camps
• Spay and neuter marathons
• School and college events



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