International Left-handers Day began in 1992 to celebrate this day. The purpose of which is to create awareness among people about left handers.

International Left-handers Day: know why it started celebrating this day

The day of August 13 is celebrated as International Left Handers Day worldwide. The first International Left Handers Day was celebrated on 13 August...
World Elephant Day 2020: Date Theme History and Significance of The Day

World Elephant Day 2020: Date, Theme, History, and Significance of The Day

World Elephant Day is celebrated on August 12 every year to produce consciousness about the jumbos. The day is to permit you to expertise...
The firing occurred outside the White House when President Trump was present in the briefing room. However the active secret service quickly took control of the situation.

Firing Outside White house: Trump was safely evacuated from the Conference room

The firing incident occurred outside the White Haas during a daily briefing in the US on Monday. President Donald Trump was addressing the press...
Best Halloween Movies

30 Best Halloween Movies Ever, must watch

It is nearly ~spooky~ time, so it's the ideal time to grab some popcorn, huddle together with each one your buddies, and prepare yourself...
World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 2020: History, Facts and Current year Theme

World Mental Health Day  World Mental Health Day is observed every year on 10 October for worldwide mental heatlh education and learning, awareness, campaigning for...
Halloween: When and Why do we celebrate? Safety Tips

Halloween: When and Why do we celebrate? History, Safety Tips

Halloween The tradition is believed to have originated from the Celtic festival that was called Samhain. This was when people would gather together to light...
International Dance Day 2020 Navarre wrote a book on dance called Letters on the Dance. All the tricks of dance are taught in this book.

International Dance Day 2020 : Every year on April 29, International Dance Day is...

  Lifestyle Desk. International Dance Day 2020: Every year on April 29, International Dance Day is celebrated all over the world. It was first celebrated...
U.S. Air Force deploy B-2 stealth bombers to Diego Garcia (Photo - Daily Mail)

US deploys B-2 stealth bombers to Diego Garcia

The United States armed force's Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) revealed that three B-2 stealth bombers of the US Air Force had been deployed to the...
Russian Vaccine Sputnik V, Only 38 people got vaccinated in 42 days and 144 types of side effects were seen in them

Russian vaccine claims to be fake: 144 types of side effects were seen in...

Questions are being raised worldwide on the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V. There have been many revelations from documents presented during the registration of the world's...
Blast in Berut There has been a massive explosion in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The explosion was so strong that there was a smog of smoke in the sky.

Lebanon explosion: bomb blast in Beirut, 25 killed, more than 2.5 thousand injured

More than 25 people were killed and more than two and a half thousand injured in the worst bomb blast of recent years in...
National and International important days in March 2021

Important Days in March 2021: National and international

Important Days in March 2021 There are several special occasions or days commemorating important events that are celebrated across the world. While some of these...