November Important Days

Important days in November 2020: National and International days

November is the 11th month of the year. Nationally and International important days are being celebrated virtually or indoors to avoid unnecessary public gatherings....
Best Halloween Movies

30 Best Halloween Movies Ever, must watch

It is nearly ~spooky~ time, so it's the ideal time to grab some popcorn, huddle together with each one your buddies, and prepare yourself...
Halloween: When and Why do we celebrate? Safety Tips

Halloween: When and Why do we celebrate? History, Safety Tips

Halloween The tradition is believed to have originated from the Celtic festival that was called Samhain. This was when people would gather together to light...
International Animation Day

International Animation Day: What is animation? Learn History and How to Celebrate?

Animation has allowed storytellers to tell stories in unique ways. The visceral fantastical worlds in animated movies can reignite inspiration and also the magic...
United Nations Day 2020

UN Day 2020: United Nations turns 75, Know it’s significance and theme

United Nations Day It was created on 24 October 1945, out of the ashes of World War Two. Just 51 countries were there in the...
International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child: History, Importance and Theme

International Day of the Girl Child International Day Of The Girl observed to recognize girls' rights and the different challenges girls face across the world...
World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 2020: History, Facts and Current year Theme

World Mental Health Day  World Mental Health Day is observed every year on 10 October for worldwide mental heatlh education and learning, awareness, campaigning for...

World Post Day: Everything You Need to Know

World Post Day Postal services have actually helped change exactly how people connect with each other in stringent ways. However, prior to the days of...
Nobel Prize 2020 in Chemistry (Twitter/NobelPrize)

Nobel Prize 2020 in Chemistry awarded two Female Scientists

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Two female scientists who specialize in chemistry have been awarded the Nobel Prize Emmanuel Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna have been nominated...
Nobel Prize 2020 in Physics (Twitter/NobelPrize)

Nobel Prize in Physics 2020: Three Scientists awarded for Research on Black Hole

  Nobel Prize in Physics for the year 2020, Roger Penrose has been announced jointly with Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez. Scientists have been awarded...